Q: With so many companies, how do I know which carpet cleaning company to choose ?

A: There are many companies in the carpet cleaning  industry and without a basic knowledge
it can be very confusing who to hire when you decide to have your carpets cleaned.
The main problem in this industry is that most of the carpet cleaning companies work on the  
volume of jobs and not on quality of the work, a fact unfortunately too many learn only after   
substandard work has been performed.
That's why we at
A SILVER Carper & Upholstery Care promise to send  you a certified
technician who cares about quality.
Our technicians are trained to identify carpet and furnishings by fiber type, and to select an     
approved cleaning method which will safely and skilfully clean  your carpet and furnishings.

Q: Why should I have my carpet & upholstery cleaned by professionals ?

A: There are many reasons to have your carpet and upholstery cleaned professionally.
First is health. Carpets and upholstery are well-known to preserve allergens and dirt
particles such as dust mites, bacteria and thousands of micro organisms. Clean carpets
make for healthy home and office environments.
Second is to extend the life of the carpet. A clean carpet will last longer than a soiled carpet .
The life of the carpet can be greatly extended with a simple routine professional cleaning.
Third is appearance. Unprofessional cleaning with soap and water leaves residue on your   
carpets that attract soil. Professional equipment has a powerful water extraction system,
that will help your carpet look brighter, newer and revival.
The professional, experience and trained crew at
A SILVER Carper & Upholstery Care will  
ensure that you have a safer, cleaner and healthier home; home that you can invite your
friends and family into it at any time - without worry about any unsightly spots, stains, odors
or allergens.

Q: How often should my carpet be cleaned?

A: Carpets should be professionally cleaned every 6-12 months depending on the activities that
affect the carpet such as: kids, pets, heavy traffic, etc. (Doctors recommend that people
with allergies or asthma clean their carpeting, draperies and upholstery every 3 - 6
People usually wait until the carpet look really dirty but the truth is that the carpet becomes
dirty long before it appears so due to invisible causes. Professional  cleaning by
A SILVER Carper & Upholstery Care can extend your carpet's life expectancy.

Q: How long will my carpet take to dry?

A: Normally within 2-4 hours, but it can take more depending on outdoor humidity,
temperature, the air circulation in your home and the thickness of the carpet's pile and  

Q: Is there anything I should do before your arrival ?

A: Preparing your home and carpet for a carpet cleaning is vital to ensure a timely and   
comfortable cleaning experience. Please assist us by:

*  Remove all breakable items from furniture such as lamps, knick - knacks and photo frames.

*  We carefully move all reasonable furniture and put it back in place however if you want us to
clean inside closets and under beds, please remove any shoes or stored items so that we can
thoroughly clean these areas.  

*  It's a good idea  to vacuum  the carpet before we arrive.

*  If you have spots on the carpet, please identify what kind of spots they are so that the  
technician may choose the most effective cleaning solutions.

Q: Why can't I just use a rental carpet cleaning machine?

A: Usually those machines do more harm than good. First they have a very low water
extraction pressure and a very low water temperature. High residue content left on the fibers
causes rapid re-soiling, which could also result in irritation to people and pets.
Second, they leave water on the carpet, excessive wet cleaning with water that cannot be
removed completely, can leave areas in the carpet and padding (under the carpet) that act  
as breathing grounds for fungi and bacteria , that cause bad odor and health problems.
We at
A SILVER Carper & Upholstery Care use modern cleaning methods that will not attract
dirt back to your carpet and will save you time, money and headaches.

Q: Why, after my carpets were cleaned, they seemed to attract soil quickly and
needed to be cleaned more often? And how can I prevent that?

A: The cleaning methods most carpet cleaning companies use involve soap or chemicals and
soap and chemical residues naturally attract soil. To prevent this, The residue must be rinsed
out with complete extraction.
We at
A SILVER Carper & Upholstery Care use a powerful truck-mounted machine to
ensure the rinsing of the shampoo or chemicals and extraction of that residue. After the cleaning
you will see a big different in the appearance of your carpets and upholstery.
They will look brighter and revived.
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