Carpet Cleaners, repair, Installation & Water Damage Restoration Services in Paramount

    A SILVER Carpet & Upholstery Care professional carpet cleaning, installation and
    repair services. Experts in water damage, flood clean up, extraction, restoration and
    immediate response serving Paramount for years.

    The carpets, rugs and upholstery in your home or office create a warm relaxing
    feeling, that you and your family can enjoy.
    They are also one of the largest investments you will make.
    Taking care of this investment requires regular maintenance cleaning and knowledge
    of why this is so important.

    Before you get your carpets cleaned or discard your old rug or carpet, call
         A SILVER Carpet & Upholstery Care experts for advice.

    We at A SILVER Carpet & Upholstery Care are trained to clean, deodorize and
    protect your carpet.

    The cleaning solutions and the powerful equipment used by A SILVER allow us to
    reach down into the deepest fibers to remove soil ordinary vacuuming cannot reach.

    Besides the normal traffic in your home or office, there are a few other causes that
    could lead to the carpets becoming extremely soiled (such as; internal improvements,
    construction, dust and pets).

    Research shows that by cleaning your carpet regularly you help maintain a good
    indoor air quality.
    Since your carpet grabs a major part of the dust and invisible organisms, such as
    fungi, bacteria and viruses,deep in the fibers, we recommend cleaning the carpet on
    a regular basis-at least once a year.

    Think vacuuming your carpet keeps it clean??? Think again.
    Even the best vacuum cleaner collects only a small percentage of the dust, dirt  and
    other allergens in your carpet, including pet dander and dust mites and doesn't
    remove all the stains and odors.
    The only way to rid your carpet of these pests is a high-pressure cleaning.

    A SILVER Carpet & Upholstery Care uses the industry's most advanced truck-
    mounted carpet cleaning system. This unit provides unrivaled steam cleaning power
    and deep-down suction to remove grown - in soil and revive your carpet's

    Our technicians are fully-trained and certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection
    Cleaning and Restoration Certification)           and the CFI (The Carpet & Fabricare

    We comply with all major carpet & upholstery requirements.
    Also Available - Water Damage Extraction and Restoration.
                               - Pet Stain removal and Odor Control.
                               - Carpet Installation and Repair.
                               - Mold and mildew prevention and remediation.

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