Wherever urine odor and staining is an issue... A SILVER CARPET CARE  is the solution!
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A SILVER Carpet & Upholstery Care, Water Damage Restoration.
A SILVER Carpet & Upholstery Care, Water Damage Restoration.
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Stain Removal, Repair and Restoring:
Chemical Spots, Bleached Areas & Discoloration
A Silver Carpet Care can restore, protect and preserve the life and beauty of your carpet.
A Silver Carpet Care Expert carpet dyeing can protect your carpet investment for a
fraction of the cost of new carpet. Architecturally, carpet color schemes and carpeted
floor covering budgets can confidently be planned, scheduled and projected more

Basically, there are two types of spots that can appear on carpets and home furnishings
fabrics. The first type of spot is the common stain which occurs when food is spilled or
ordinary dirt or oily substance is tracked in. These spots are usually apparent
immediately and action can be taken to remove them without damage to the carpet or
upholstery fabric.
The second type of stain or discoloration of carpets and home furnishings fabrics is the
chemical stain. The chemical stain is caused by the introduction of foreign substances to
the surface of the textile product, which actually changes or destroys the dye. The time
between contact and appearance of the stain could be days or months. Generally, nothing
can be done to restore the dye to its original color.

Some of the more common chemical products known to cause problems include
medications (especially acne medications), household bleaches, disinfectants, certain
cosmetics, furniture polish, sun exposed, certain plant foods, fertilizers and insecticides.
The mechanism by which these spots appear varies with different types of chemicals,
environmental conditions and the particular textile product involved.

With our unique carpet dyeing services, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars
when compared to the cost of carpet replacement. Savings of 50% to 85% are very
common. Our process eliminates the costly, unnecessary and pre-mature purchase of
new carpet!

A Silver Carpet Care has given you some knowledge to help you decide if A
Silver Carpet & Upholstery
Care have a solution that will work for you.

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